Insect Repellent

6 drops of each or a total of 18 drops of any of the following essential oils. For mosquitoes citronella proabably works best.

tea tree

1 cup purified water
1 teaspoon alcohol

Pour ingredients into a spray bottle and shake very well before each use. I like to store mine in the fridge where I know it will stay fresh, but I think it would keep well on the shelf for some time too.

Pioneer Mom's Note: No more chemical insect repellents for us! I have been making this for a while. I bought one bottle of repellent from Dr. Mercola and liked it so much that I decided I would try making it at home. It costs so little as those bottles of essential oils go a very long way. Plus, the spray smells wonderful!


  1. Can the oils be purchased here in Belize? We live in Belmopan and I would love to try it.

  2. Hi Alida! It's always a pleasure to hear from fellow Belizeans. I honestly don't know if you can purchase them here since I brought mine from the US. One small bottle will last many years. But I would try Reimer's Health Food here in Spanish Lookout, as I know they sell some essential oils. Their number is: 823-0096

    You can also try the Ultimate Herbal Health food store in Garden City Plaza in Belmopan. 822-2902

    Good luck!